Mini 1 (Under 8)


With the introduction of the tackle at under 8 level players now have to deal with continuity

(before, during and after the tackle).

There are two identifiable groups: (a) Players around the ball 

                                                      (b) Players in the space

The players around the ball are trying to keep the life in the ball  through passing before, during or after the tackle to keep the continuity going. The ruck and the maul are now introduced as a means of putting life back into the ball i.e. get the ball moving again after a tackle is made.

The players in the space are trying to occupy the space either side of the ball to attack the defence and identify space or a numbers inbalance.

The coach must create an environment where the players are put in these decision making situations through the game and reduced activities to guide them to; 

GO Forward - Support - Maintain Continuity


The same applies to the defence ;

                                                     (a) Players are defending around the ball

                                                    (b) Players are defending the space

The players defending around the ball are re-acting to the tackler, stop the offload contest the ruck/maul and regain possession.

The players defending the space are trying to position themselves to apply pressure on the players  attacking the space.

Again the coach is trying to create the situations to guide the defence to;

Go Forward - Support - Apply Pressure

The challange for coaches at this level is to get the players to understand the principles required and guide them to achieving them to the limit of their capacities. The different level of capacities that the players have will also challange the coach, but each player/child deserves a chance to develop at their own rate of learning.


Mini 1 Rules and Regulations



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