Mini 3

Possession is now contested at scrum and lineout at U/11 which adds  gain/contest possession to principles of play at this level.

Principles of play for Mini 3

Gain/Contest Possession - Go Forward - Support - Continuity



It is still important to use the set-pieces as means of highlighting how unit play works to re-start play and is used to re-inforce the basic laws and sanctions of Mini Rugby. Players are still a long way from finding positions and it is important that coaches allow them to try all positions in a safe and practical way. Again all the collective skills that apply to Mini 1 apply here also.

Reduced activities should be short and frequent with plenty of variety and fun and should be related to the game. Coaches can use the principles of play to guide them to the outcomes they require from their training activities (see Principles of Play).

Mini 3 Rules and Regulations


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