Rules & Regulations for Mini 4

Ball Size 4
Maximum time per half – Single match 20 Minutes
Maximum time per half – Festivals/ Events 7 Minutes
Maximum time a squad/ team is allowed to play per day/ event
60 Minutes
Minimum time allowed for half time 1 Minute
Max no of players per team 12
No of Forwards per set piece 6
No of Backs per set piece 6
Safety zone between pitches 6 metres
Tackle Height Below the waist
Dangerous Tackles (e.g. High / Swinging / Dump tackle) to be penalised immediately & player warned.
Hand Off Below shoulder
Players should be encouraged to carry the ball in two hands
Time allowed for rucks & mauls The 5 seconds “Use it or Lose it” rule applies.
This starts from the moment ruck/maul is formed.
It is illegal to collapse a maul
Referee/Coach should count down “5, 4, 3, 2, and 1” from moment ruck/maul is formed
No of players per team allowed in rucks & mauls Up to 6 (use 15 a side rules)
Kicking in Play Defence Zone only
Start Match Drop Off at the half way
Method of Scoring Try – no conversion kicks
Line-Out 6 Players including the thrower
All “forwards” must be involved in lineout
No lifting allowed.
Scrum 6 Players
Strike allowed
1 step allowed
Players must stay bound until scrum is over



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