Key Factors


The Key Factors in Rugby's Individual Skills can determine the success of the desired outcome


For instance if we take Receiving & Passing, the desired Outcome is to catch the ball and make a pass to a player in a better position while fixing or delaying a defender from moving into a better position.

The Key Factors:

  • Reach towards passer - Offers a target for the passer and allows the player to take the ball early
  • Fingers spread - Gives the receiver a strong grip on the ball to perform the pass
  • Catch the ball in two hands - The receiver is ready to make the next pass without having to adjust
  • Check defender - Fixes or delays the defender from moving on to the next receiver
  • Look to receiver - It gives the passer a target to aim for
  • Swing arms towards target using inside arm for power - Guides the ball to the receiver
  • Follow through using wrists - Keeps the ball on target
  • Weight the pass correctly - Is the receiver close or further away

The more proficient a player is at the key factors of the Individual Skills will improve the players technique at that skill alone. A player does not have to achieve all eight key factors expertly for the outcome to be achieved. Coaches need to be able to look at a player perfoming the individual skills and be able observe where it is breaking down for the player and intervene. But if we take the bigger picture into account where the individual performs the skill as a part of the collective, technique alone might not be enough if the player does not have the understanding of :

Where am I (in relation to the ball)?
How can I be effective (in relation to the opposition)?
Which action must I choose (to be effective)?


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