Leprechaun (under 7)

Leprechaun rugby has been developed to introduce the game of rugby to Under 7's. It has been designed to introduce the skils of running and decision making, ball handling and evasion to young children. It has a modified tackle (touch/tag) which will help to build the confidence of the players in a fun, friendly and safe environment.



Leprechaun Rugby Rules and Regulations (Ireland Only)

Regulation Leprechaun  Notes
Ball Size 3 Must be adhered to

Maximum time per half - single match

15 min No injury or extra time allowed
Maximum time per half - blitz's days 7 min No injury or extra time allowed

Maximum time a squad/team is allowed

play per day event

60 min No injury or extra time allowed
Minimum time allowed per half time 1 min  

Maximum number of players per team



Equal number on both teams emphasis on participation and enjoyment

Safety Zone

between pitches

6 m Common Sense Prevails
Tackle Height Touch on shorts or Tag The Take
Hand off Not allowed

Emphasis on carrying the ball in  

two hands

Kicking No

Encourage the players

to run and pass

Start Match Tap/Pass off Pass off must be off the ground
Method of scoring Try  

One coach per team allowed on

the pitch

Coach must stay behind team and Guide them

Penalties No quick tap penalties allowed Penalties are with a tap/pass off from the ground on the whistle


                                         Recommended Pitch Size for Blitz days



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