Membership can be done in two ways:

1. IRFU Munster Rugby Coaching Course:

From January 2013 all coaches who attend a Mini, Foundation or Level 1 course with Munster Rugby will be given access to a  membership of the site (with 10 minutes video time). The option to purchase extra minutes is available when registering. 

Coaches will be given log in details on completion of the course. This can be done by logging on to and click on create an account tab and follow the instructions.


2. Logging on to and Create an account:

Subscribers can log onto the website and click on the create an account tab and follow the instructions.


What a membership entitles you to?


Membership entitles you to access you all areas of the website no restrictions.

Videos - Drawings - Activities Set Up - Coach Education - News - Interactive Website




Membership entitles the member to a Minimum of 100 minutes of videos for one  payment of €10 (extra minutes can be purchased at €10 per 100 minutes), videos average about 2 minutes each. Each time you use a video the duration of that video will be deducted from your minutes remaining account and will show the amount of  minutes you have remaining in your account. You will be informed when your minutes are running out in order for you to purchase more time.

When a member opens a video the account is deducted by only one showing no matter how many times the video is replayed.

It is the intention of this site to add New videos and New Materials  on a regular basis and as the site is interactive problem solving videos will be ongoing.


Membership Fee:


A single membership fee starts at  €10 and this entitles the user to full access and 100 minutes of video time. There is no restriction on the amount of minutes a subscriber can purchase at one time and the fee is €10 per each 100 minutes.


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