Mini 3 Rules and Regulations

Ireland Only

Regulations Mini 3 Notes
Ball Size 4 Must be adhered to

Maximum time per

half - single match

20 min

No injury or extra time


Maximum time per

half - blitz days

7 min

No injury or extra time


Maximum time a squad/

team is allowed to play

per day/event

70 min

No injury or extra time


Maximum time allowed

for half time

1 min  

Max number of players

per team


Equal numbers on both teams - 

emphasis on participation &



Safety zone between 


6 m Common sense prevails
Tackle height Below waist

Swinging tackle/high tackle to be

penalised immediately &

player warned

Hand off Below shoulder

Coaches should encourage

players to carry ball in two


Time allowed for rucks

& mauls

5 sec

The 5 seconds use it or lose it 

rule applies. This starts from the

moment ruck/maul is formed.

It is illegal to collapse a maul.

Number of players

allowed in rucks and

mauls per side


Including the ball carrier &



Defence zone


Start match

As per 


Drop off at half way-opposition

back 10 m

Method of scoring Try  
Lineout 5 man Including hooker
Scrum 5 man

Players must stay bound until

scrum is over


No quick tap 

penalities allowed

Penalities must be taken through

the mark designated by the 




Scrum: (5 man)

  • All players stay bound until ball emerges
  • Scrum may not move further then 1 step from mid point of original scrum
  • Only strike can be contested (hooker v hooker)
  • Scrum half to feed the ball into the scrum with two hands and straight
  • No forward allowed to pick up the ball from the scrum
  • Opposition scrum half behind his/her 2nd rows - no follow around allowed
  • Both back lines 5m from scrum to allow attacks with space
  • Always 10m from touchline and 5m from goal line
  • Scrum is over when the referee calls "scrum over" or when ball is in the hands of the scrum half who may break
  • Opposition scrum half can tackle the breaking scrum half if he/she comes from behind his/her 2nd rows


Lineout: (5 man)

  • 2m from touch line

  • Only the jump can be contested

  • A space of one metre (arms length) between all players in the lineout

  • Both hookers to be at the front of the lineout and both scrum halves behind their forwards

  • Both backlines 5m back to allow attck with space

  • Hookers to throw the ball at least 2m into the lineout, no over throw allowed - ball must be straight

  • Lineout is over when the scrum half passes the ball - makes a break - or when team catching the ball drive (maul 5 sec use or lose it) to apply



  • Start the match with a drop-off at half way opposition back 10m
  • All restarts after try scored with drop-off at half way
  • Ball over the dead ball line restart by drop-off 10m from try line



  • The ball can be kicked from inside the kicking zone (10m from try line)
  • If the ball is kicked directly into touch from inside the kicking zone lineout to the opposition
  • if the ball is passed back to the kicking zone and kicked directly into touch lineout to the opposition from where the ball was kicked
  • If ball is kicked outside the kicking zone intentionally-penalty unintentionally-scrum
  • Players in front of kicker must be brought onside before entering play



  • Penalities must be taken through the mark designated by the referee
  • Opposition must be back 10m
  • Penalties from within the kicking zone can be kicked directly into touch and kicking team gets lineout



Recommended pitch size for blitz days



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