Stage 3

At Stage 3 the focus is on an accurate performance based on the increased capacities of the player. Players should be encouraged to take risks focusing on the immediate tactical decisions of the moment rather then the stragetic aspects. there is an obivious simplicity in team and unit play with players trying to attack space through collective and individual skills. Sturcture is clearly evident at set-piece, however all players are encouraged to participate in all areas of team play attack and defence.

Players at this stage can be recognised in General Movement by their position in relation to the ball:



Players on or around the Ball  - Life of the Ball
Players positioned Early before the ball emerges - Early Group

Players who are positioned Deep as the ball emerges - Deep Group

Players positioned late from the initial source of possession - Late Group



Players Defending the Ball - Ball Defence
Players positioned early in the space - Early Support
Players position late in the space - Late Support
Players positioned deep behind the initial defence - Deep Players

Players at Stage 3 are in two categories, age grade players (16-18 approx) and adult junior players and the coaches role is to challenge these players because of their greater capacities to achieve higher standards of performance.

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